Bus Stops

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 You will be contacted via Phone and Email as soon as we know start dates.

Schuyler: 6:00 am (Oak Ball Room parking lot)

Columbus: 6:15 am (East side of Hobby Lobby parking lot)

Valparaiso: 5:20 am (Tvrdy‚Äôs Gas Station) 

Dwight: 5:30 am (City Park) 

Brainard: 5:45 am (City Park)

David City: 6:15 am (Boy Scout Parking Lot)

Milford: 5:45 am (East Side of Parking Lot at the High School)

Seward: 6:05 am (South Side of Parking Lot at Pac-N-Save) 

Bee Corner: 6:20 am

Dwight/Ulysses Corner: 6:25 am

Ulysses: 6:35 am



Lincoln East: 5:00 am

Lincoln High: 5:25 am (South Parking Lot) 

59th & Adams: 5:25 am (Parking Lot) 

Indian Center: 5:45 am (1100 Military Road) 

Casey's Gas Station on hwy 34: 6:00 am (Southwest by Diesel Pumps) 

Bring a water jug (with your name on it), lunch, light weight material long sleeve shirt, pants or long shorts that go below the knee.

We supply Gloves, Glasses, 

Bring bottled water or Gatorade in place of a water jug. 

  • 1 Gallon water jug (not a gallon jug of water)
  • Old Shoes easy to walk in, they will get dirty
  • Rain poncho in case it rains or is wet in the morning
  • Lunch with a few snacks